Scuba Crew provides a gear rental service so you don’t have to have your own equipment to learn and join in the fun of scuba diving. The price varies according to whether you need the gear on a weekday (Monday-Friday) or weekend (Saturday, Sunday). As you can see, if you’re a club member, you can get discounts. Please request all gear rental from to confirm availability. Gear can be paid for via our PayPal checkout on our Contact Page or as cash on the night.


Day rateWknd rateClub night
Cylinder 5L & weights£10.00£18.00 N/A
Cylinder 7L & weights£10.00£18.00 N/A
Cylinder 10L & weights£10.00£18.00 N/A
Cylinder 12L & weights£10.00£18.00 N/A
Cylinder 15L & weights£10.00£18.00 N/A
Bcd£10.00£20.00 N/A
Regulator set£10.00£20.00 N/A
Computer£10.00£18.00 N/A
Camera£10.00£20.00 N/A
Torch£6.00£12.00 N/A
Reel + SMB£5.00£10.00 N/A
Semi dry Suits£18.00£35.00 N/A

Gear Rental Terms and Conditions

  • On Club nights equipment will be brought to the pool for you.
  • Please produce your diving qualification card to hire equipment.
  • You will be fully responsible for ALL damages and/or loss to equipment.
  • Daily Hire – all equipment is to be returned by 12:00am on the following day washed.
  • Weekend hire all equipment is to be collected after 1:00pm on the Friday and returned by 12:00am on Tuesday.
  • The hire charge will apply from the time you take the equipment to the time you return the equipment.
  • Late return of equipment may result in extra charges so please contact us.
  • Please treat the equipment as if it is your own!
  • Please inspect and confirm satisfaction with the item hired before acceptance of the contract.
  • Please notify the Club of any faults or damage on return or as soon as possible.
  • Cylinders to be refilled before return if empty the cost will be £6.00.
  • Please see us for rental prices on Dive holidays arranged by the club!