Kids Parties

Scuba Birthday Parties are an exciting and unique experience that can be enjoyed for children aged 8 years and above.   Following a safety briefing and an explanation of the principals of scuba diving the children are taken into the shallow end of the pool where they take their first breaths underwater. Once they are comfortably blowing bubbles through their regulator, they explore the pool and practice being weightless, just like an astronaut. After a few somersaults we then introduce a few games such as underwater Frisbee and they then get a chance to build a space ship under water with a set of drawings.


Hi Martin,
Just wanted to thank you and your team for Saturday.  Grace and her friends had an amazing time, and hopefully have gone into school today telling everyone about it, and possibly setting a new trend!  Grace went into day, with her Padi cap, her Padi wallet and her log book, wanting to boast about it to all her friends.

Deborah & Simon & Grace

For parents who wish to keep a memento of the occasion we have an underwater photographer available and will be happy to supply you with some pictures for their Facebook page!   For safety we always use two Instructors and at least one Dive-Master. If parents wish to join in the fun then they are welcome. Book your child’s party early to avoid disappointment.