Padi Snorkeling Course

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People snorkel because they want to see and interact with the underwater world. Snorkeling is easy and fun. Snorkelers may not want to be scuba divers.

What you can expect from your course

Snorkeling is very easy to learn and great fun for old and young. It will very quickly build up your confidence in the water and everybody can get involved in the sport. Anybody can teach themselves how to use the equipment but this course is to ensure you do it correctly from the start so that you can enjoy the holiday and the diving rather than concentrating on learning some of the skills.During the course we will teach you the correct use and maintenance of all the equipment. Simple things like de-fogging your mask if not shown how could spoil the experience for you. We will teach you fining techniques that will make you glide through the water like a fish, and teach you breathing techniques that will enable you to stay under the water for a lot longer than you thought possible. We will teach you how to free dive enabling you to get closer to the object you are looking at.

What you need to Start your Snorkeling course . . .

    • Minimum 8 years old
    • Mask
    • Snorkel
    • Boots
    • Fins

Course Overview . . .

    • Equipment preparation
    • Suiting up
    • Entry
    • Buoyancy check
    • Surface swim
    • breathing techniques
    • Surface dives and underwater swimming
    • Exit

Course duration is 1 hour 30min in a heated pool. You are also welcome to join us on one of our exotic holidays to practice what you have learned!