PADI Open Water Referral. E-Learning and Pool dives


With most of the theory completed online, your first practical session will include a short review and answer any questions you have. Then we’ll take what you’ve learnt and put it into practice in a heated swimming pool. We start of by teaching you how to put the equipment together and go through all the hand signals so that we can communicate under water.

During the pool sessions, we’ll introduce you to using scuba diving equipment to swim underwater. If it’s your first time underwater get ready to experience weightlessness as you swim and glide around the pool. For many divers, the freedom of movement and relaxation when diving is as important as seeing the beauty of the underwater world. You’ll also learn all the Safety skills and techniques to make diving easier and safer. As with every part of the course, you’ll start with simple skills and build on them gradually.

Who is this for?

Choose this option if you want to complete the theory and pool dives here in the UK, then complete your four open water dives on holiday. This option is the “PADI Open Water Referral Course”.

Time Commitment 10-15 hours for E-Learning, 8 hours for the practical sections, usually over two days but can be done in one.

Cost – £420.00

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