ScubaCrewsers Gozo diving trip

Malta / Gozo 

ScubaCrewsers from all over Berkshire and Hampshire booked on for the Gozo trip. We flew out on Saturday morning from Gatwick and it is only a three hour flight to Malta. We were met at the airport and transferred to the Ferry to cross over to Gozo. Temperature was still 30 degrees when we arrived at the dive centre. We were given some space in the dive centre to pack all our diving gear into provided boxes ready for the morning’s diving. Nine o clock Sunday morning we were all packed and both Jeep and twin cab pick up were loaded ready to roll. We started with a check dive giving every one a chance to get the weights correct and sort their buoyancy out. Buoyancy had to be sorted very quickly as the northern side of the island was swamped with jelly fish and we played dodge the jelly fish. After the dive we headed back to the dive centre to get some lunch and refill the cylinders. Second dive was the inland sea leading through a cave out into the open ocean.  Visibility in the inland sea is not very good so on your way through the cave stay close to the wall or you might not get through. Half way through the vis starts improving and you can start seeing the exit. Once out of the cave it drops down to 40 meters where we found some Groupers. Coming back keep the wall on your right side and you can do your safety stop in the cave close to the exit. Lots of boats constantly pass over the top so stay as deep as you can when exiting. As soon as you exit the cave turn right and come up as close to the wall as possible staying out of the boat traffic. We headed back to the dive centre where some well deserved cold once were served up. All agreed on a restaurant and we had a great meal out which did not cost an arm and leg. The next morning saw us all up at eight for breakfast. Gear gets packed at 08:30 and we are off by nine. First dive was a very big Cave and to get in the water is a three meter parachute jump down to the water. The cave entrance is at 36 meters. You swim into the cave about 30meters and then start making your way up where you finally come up into a dome. Torches off and you can’t see your hand in front of your face. Make your way back down and out of the cave we followed the wall down to the left lots of marine life on the wall. With your safety stop done you can now exit using the fixed ladder to climb all the way back to the top. We did mostly shore diving but did book one day’s boat diving. We did a wreck and some caves this mad a nice change and was bang in the middle of all the shore diving.

The Maltese people are very friendly and we felt most welcome. In Xlendi where we stayed there are loads of restaurants so you can dine at a different one every night. Night life a bit quiet but a very enjoyable week.

Looking forward to returning next year.