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Learning to dive is great fun. You meet new people, see amazing things underwater most people in the world have never seen and you have the perfect excuse to visit exotic destinations…

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Which diving course should I be doing?

PADI offers three options for you if you want to learn or discover scuba diving. If you have never dived before and are not sure if it will be a sport you will enjoy then you can attend a Discover Scuba diving session with us which can be accredited towards the course you decide to do. The two courses that are available to enable you to Scuba dive is Scuba Diver and Open Water Diver. Both these courses will get you under the water, having fun but with the Open water you will have a lot more freedom and be able to dive deeper with just your buddy. With the Scuba diver course you will need to dive with a PADI Professional at all times. Please see the course descriptions.

What about specialty courses?

When PADI developed their continuing education model, they realized that divers have a lot of varied interests.   To accommodate those interests, they started developing courses that go into more depth about a certain topic.   If you’re familiar with Adventures in Diving Program or Advanced Open Water Diver, you’ve experienced a sample of these specialty areas.

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